Friday, 26 November 2010

"adoptable +Candy+" by xXVanillaVodkaXx

Adoptable characters seem to be big business nowadays. Internet artists doodle up a bunch of multicoloured wolves or Sonics or Renamons, and people who want to be friends with the artist pay them real money for the right to say that one of the little rainbow Sonics/Renamons/wolves is their own. It's a crazy phenomenon, and providing an example of it today is artist xXVanillaVodkaXx.

That's right, for money dollars you could own your very own scantily-clad, bow-legged Sonic-slut. Complete with partially-visible-bikini-bottoms and three-foot-long eyelashes!

I'm not sure what's keeping those daisy dukes attached to her waist - it feels like this is a photo of the moment before they tumbled down to her ankles. Not to her feet, though. Those are hard to draw.

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