Friday, 26 November 2010

"adoptable +Candy+" by xXVanillaVodkaXx

Adoptable characters seem to be big business nowadays. Internet artists doodle up a bunch of multicoloured wolves or Sonics or Renamons, and people who want to be friends with the artist pay them real money for the right to say that one of the little rainbow Sonics/Renamons/wolves is their own. It's a crazy phenomenon, and providing an example of it today is artist xXVanillaVodkaXx.

That's right, for money dollars you could own your very own scantily-clad, bow-legged Sonic-slut. Complete with partially-visible-bikini-bottoms and three-foot-long eyelashes!

I'm not sure what's keeping those daisy dukes attached to her waist - it feels like this is a photo of the moment before they tumbled down to her ankles. Not to her feet, though. Those are hard to draw.

"wolf comic page 7" by GWolfG

Wolf wolf wolf wolf wolves wolf wolf GWolfG wolf wolf wolves wolves wolf wolf wolf. Wolves wolf wolf wolves wolf? Wolves!!

It's times like this I wish we had some more specific entry tags, like "characters floating in a featureless void" and "putting small pictures of a character in their speech bubbles to try to make your clusterfuck comic make more sense". This piece unfortunately suffers both of these - as well as a bad case of "talking disembodied wolf heads" syndrome.

Take two of these little caribou-carcass-shaped pills every day and it should clear up.

"ANTHRO KimmyKat Matryoshka" by xxMidnightTigerxx

Our latest piece is by artist xxMidnightTigerxx, and apparently features a character named Kimmy.


Holy shit. Well. I mean, let's be honest - that's the face of a rapist right there. Two of them, in fact, if you notice the creepy look the hood of her jacket is giving to you.

It's difficult to get along to subjects like the oversized head or invisible hands or muscular neck because every time I catch the gaze of those eyes I freeze like a deer on a highway. Jesus, I need to go and lie down.

"Rose ate Star" by shadevore

It's been a while - there have been tears, laughs and lessons learned - and now it's time to make fun of more horrible internet art. God bless us, every one. Today's sacrifice to the altar is piece "Rose ate Star" by artist shadevore.

I wonder which parts of this image shadevore made! The background blends so well with the characters I'm inclined to believe this was all the work of one person, toiled over for hours under the light of the moon.

The expression that sun is making is similar to the one I made when I read the dialogue in this piece. "Why has green Renamon trapped that blue goth Knuckles in a purple sphere? She says it is her belly, but I do not believe her."

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

"Fart while u laugh at me ladie" by derekje84

There are some very specific fetishes out there in the world of the internet. Some very odd and specific fetishes. Today's example is artist derekje84.

The artist's comment reads "Please save and share this ladies. Enjoy laughing at me. Burden me with ur asses while u laugh at me. Please follow me on twitter"

Burden me with your asses? That's a really obtuse way of saying "I want girls to fart while they laugh at my naked body" Is this even a genuine fetish because I am suspicious that this guy just might be crazy.

"Cookies nomnomnom" by NishiChan

It's about time we made fun of a western kid badly imitating anime and manga drawing style, isn't it? Our sporting contestant today is artist NishiChan.

Time for a bullet-point list, I feel.
  • Cat ears
  • Obsessing over cookies
  • Nom nom nom sound effect
  • T-shirt claiming to be a 'cookie maniac'
  • Wearing a spiked collar despite not being a doberman
Goodness, we have a winner here. A winner with a very round, balloon-like head. And hilariously un-detailed feet. Shoes are hard to draw man! You don't get it!

"Mee" by sephyma-jones

We're back! Did you miss us? Kiss kiss!

The artist's comment for this piece says it's a photo intended to be used as their online ID, and finishes with a little embarrassed anime face. Oh, you cutie! I'm totally not cowering away from your giant dry cracked lips and horrible untidy room! (I am)

Saturday, 23 October 2010

"Yonnie Bearwinkle" by jadelin526

Maw and claws is all I can see

And rainbow coloured leg warmers. Why isn't she a dog?
Because it is a cat girl

"ArchibkuroXTaeyddi Very Much" by TheGreedGirl

Holy shit you guys! I just learned how to use the airbrush tool! I need to use this thing as much as possible so I can become the airbrush master!

Shit, now I've overdone it and everyone looks like creepy glass statues. That was not my original intention! Oh well, I guess I'll stick it on DeviantArt.

This image is horrible, I don't care who argues. God could try to defend this shit and I would disagree. I can barely tell what the fuck is going on through all the white, it's like two otters covered themselves in paint and then rolled in cocaine.

"music is my life" by Mirppe

We haven't really been appealing much to the gay werewolf demographic recently, so I am legally obliged to share the following piece by artist Mirppe.

"The most beautiful thing in my life is Music. ." Really? The most beautiful thing? Someone sure needs a girlfriend. Or boyfriend, judging by that haircut. Thanks for adding the iPod logo too - this image wasn't quite shallow enough without it.

Here's a fun game to play with this image - measure the size of the dog's head with your thumb and forefinger, then move your hand down and compare it to the size of his SUPER MUSCULAR waist. That's one top-heavy canine right there.

Friday, 22 October 2010

"Playday with the "X" 5" by Mzdish

It's about time we showed another photograph. This time our budding artist is DeviantArt user Mzdish. Round of applause, please.

Admittedly I first thought this might be a troll-post, so I checked the gallery of Mzdish... but nope, it's the real deal. This is... they wanted people to see this.

They thought people should see this.

I'm frightened.

"There are diamonds In the SKY" by Mr-MellowSmile

It's not every day you see a dog enjoy the effects of drug consumption. Today artist Mr-MellowSmile has given us a rare and precious sight to see.

Look at that huge, lopsided smile... those glazed, unfocused eyes... the way it's tilting to the left a bit too far... this dog is having a whale of a time. He's all like, "why the fuck am I wearing a scarf? You guys I'm so high right now, where did this scarf even come from"

Maybe it was drugs that made the artist too lazy to do a proper background and they had to resort to slapping colours about. Who knows.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

"naughty bot" by Plesio-Guardian

Lock eyes from across the room
Down my drink while the rhythms boom
Take your hand and skip the names
No need here for the silly games
Make our way through the smoke and crowd
The club is the sky and I'm on your cloud
Move in close as the lasers fly
Our bodies touch and the angels cry

Leave this place, go back to yours
Our lips first touch outside your door
Is the whole night what we've got in store?
Whisper in my ear that you want some more
And I jizz in my pants

I think that's what's happening, anyway. There's mysterious fluid leaking out from beneath this Transformer's rectangular crotch, but then that doesn't explain the odd tentacle wrapped around his hip. Dark forces are at work here. Dark, sodomising forces.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Hey who feels like venting out their loneliness by drawing themselves in a cute situation with an imaginary anime girlfriend? Everyone sniff back those tears and prepare for our next piece by artist SPICE-EMPEROR.

I don't know about you, but this reeks of 'I traced that shit' to me. I don't really feel like googling "Miku with no pants looking frightened" though. I'll leave that to other aspiring internet detectives.

The artist's comment for this piece admirably admits "I make Miku a bit punkish..gothish..scene..ish? Because I love those types of girls, and they aren't really well presented in..anything >:I and if they are they're always HxC BR00TAL type girls or like..ultra feminists or something..crazy I guess D: < IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR A CUTE GOTH GIRL WHO'S KINDA QUIRKY AND SWEET AND NOT ALL HxC?!"

I love that attitude. "Yeah I changed the character into what I personally find more attractive. What do you mean it's not the same character anymore? It's hotter now! Mmmmm goth girls"

Monday, 18 October 2010

"my swagga sagg 3" by VonteSS


OH SHIT THIS IS ARTY AS ALL FUCK no wait it's just your underwear peeking over your jeans and your messy-ass room behind it. Nice.

"Heriberto Banuelos" by Sonic432

Sonic fan-art getting too samey? Sick of everyone having the same little round body and rubbery arms and giant conjoined eyes? Artist Sonic432 has the answer for you!

Everything about this is a mess, from giant head to wrinkly arms. Look at those disgusting shoulders. What the hell is going on with that chest? And that's some nice effort spent on the background, too.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

"the mansion 20" by Apokol

I thought I was done adding entries for today, but sometimes you just find something that's too good to pass up. Today's lucky provider is artist Apokol.


Seriously even for fetishist shit this is weird beyond words. What the hell do I comment with? Those sure are some disgruntled-looking disembodied anime tits! I wonder if they talk through the nipples.

Y'know, usually I try to keep these choices completely out of context and stick with just what was on the front page, but fuck it. I'm gonna go back a page and find out what caused this shit. We're going maverick.


I wish someone would tell these creepy fetishists about, y'know... tits only lactating when there's a babby to feed. Though a woman did just turn into a giant pair of bongos with anime eyes so I guess biology is the least of this crazy motherfucker's concerns!

"Stocking" by EvilEyeXYZ

Oh good, fanart where the character is turned into a fatty. This definitely isn't incredibly common and weird. Providing for us today is slop-dishing artist EvilEyeXYZ.

It's better than the usual fare - there's some genuine talent beneath all that lard and shiny filter - but this image is lopsided as all hell and try to imagine poor Stocking's head if she shaved off her hair. Yikes.

Believe it or not this is actually a commission - someone paid real money to see an anime character drawn fat and shiny.

I swear to god, give it another couple of years and we'll be harvesting lonely shut-ins and furries for gold like masturbating bank vaults. Just you wait.

"which hat?" by arancarr-itari

Do you have difficulty making incredibly small decisions? Do you have no friends you could call or text to ask for opinions? Do you rarely go outside? Arancarr-itari has these problems, and they've enlisted DeviantArt's help!

The artist's comment reads "HELP MY TWO FAVORITE HATS OF ALL TIME AND I CAN'T DEICED" Really? ....Really?

You can't decide which ugly hat to wear around your house today? Are you sure you're not just desperately lonely and had nobody to show your hats to? It's ok to admit you're an attention-whore, arancarr. The first step to overcoming a problem is to realise you have it.

"Sue naga comic page 1" by SmexySue

So, we're all friends here right? How about we share a quick hit of some bizarrely-drawn wish-fulfilment porn? No? Come on guys, SmexySue has already drawn it!

I don't know what it is about vore-fetishists and nagas (half-snake people). They seem to show up an awful lot to monch people down. Maybe it's because it's an excuse for them to be able to swallow huge things, even though they don't have the skeletal structure of a snake so that wouldn't...

I'm overthinking. Three big-titted eye-burningly-brightly-coloured Sonics are chilling out at the beach and another, horribly-sunburnt snake-Sonic creeps towards them licking her lips. I'm glad there's no more. I can just pretend she wants to steal their picnic basket.

Look at those tits. Is she rubbing her hands together in fiendish delight or is she just trying to hold those fuckers up? The mind boggles.

"shower" by Nebelstern

It's always nice when specialised porn tries to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. This piece by artist Nebelstern, applies to both pedophiles and inhumanly-large-titty-fetishists! Good job!

Look at that poor, sad creature. "Help me," she cries, "I have the body of a child, the tits of a giant and the snout of a pig. Please end my suffering." She certainly looks unhappy, anyway. That or frightened.

Considering the audience this is aiming for I'd be frightened too.

"Hazuki" by xXUnknownXKittenXx

Japanese kawiiii anime imitation bullshit doesn't fly with me, and here we have a great pre-Wright Brothers example.

So they tried to combine all the formula ingredients- big eyes, overly shiney hair, slight animal characteristics and thought the best way to make the impact more... impacty (?) was to draw the whole thing out in thick blue lines in MS Paint before putting it somewhere where a gradient too, exists. But not before saving it in a lovely image compression format, probably a jpeg. See the nicke, white jaggies round the lines? Good.

Why are there giant eyes behind its head?
Why is one eye trapped in some kind of cage?
Has the other been gouged out?

Friday, 15 October 2010


Oh goodness, just look at you, DUSKtheIMPALER.

We've gotta make a list for this shit, this is just too much.
  • Kitty hat
  • Katana
  • Wall scroll
  • Naruto poster
  • Millions of volumes of anime
Shit, it's like I'm really in Japan here bro! Do you eat ramen for breakfast using pocky as chopsticks? Kawaii!! ^_^

"Toferette and the gloves 6" by ShineofRain

Ladies and gentlefolk it is time to get our rocks off to some absurd fetish porn. Artist ShineofRain kindly donates today's example!

God damn, that's some lazy MSPaint shit. What is it about having an obscure fetish that makes your standards of porn drop so dramatically? Sex is great but if someone presented me with a shitty MSPaint rendition of it and told me to whack off to it I'd tell them it just couldn't be done.

Anyway, this furry dog-woman seems to have inflated for some reason and that makes her talk like a twat. "I can't feel my feet nor the ground as well" she complains boredly. Then she falls over or something - purely a speculation, since I can see that lovingly added in sound effect there declaring FALLING NOISE.

Maybe next time ShineofRain should try making an UNINSTALLING MSPAINT noise.

"In the Bracken" by lorddarke

It is about time we got sci-fi sexy up in here, with the assistance of artist lorddrake. Bring in the titties!

Even by female fantasy armour standards, that outfit is pretty ridiculous. You're going to have to go through the link and check out the close-up to see, but those things on her tits? They're coils of wire that wrap around the rat-woman's erect nipples.

Why? What's the purpose? If her nipples are un-erect do they drop off and get lost in the foliage?

Nipple-wire aside, this is some bizarre shit. Imagine having to describe this image to someone who had never seen it without any visual aids. "There's a big-titted mostly-naked rat woman and a scary-faced horse man walking through a forest with future-guns?"

"I MIGHT LEAVE DA" by KoopalingKool-Aid


Bright orange on light purple is not kind on the eyes, KoopalingKool-Aid. Reading this was difficult. To sum it up for those of you who have regular human eyes, this artist has been arguing with another member of DeviantArt and has decided it would be best if they were to leave.

They go about this decision incredibly classily, mentioning no less than three times that nobody will miss them and that they have no friends. They then dismount on a high note by calling everyone jerks. 10/10!

Bonus points, also, for the fact that every face in this comic is copy-pasted from internet smileys that were not made by the artist. I guess emotions are hard to convey so it's easier to just copy other people's. The other artists were probably jerks and didn't like you anyway! OH GOD PLEASE MISS ME WHEN I'M GONE D:

"Zim Goes Draconic" by dragonfire1000

It seems to be a trend on DeviantArt to draw your favourite characters as one of several things;
  • A Lion King lion
  • A wolf
  • A dragon
  • An anime
Today we see that trend in action courtesy of artist dragonfire1000. I think they like dragons.

This is fanart at its most basic. "I like Invader Zim. I like dragons. The two have literally nothing in common, but I like them both, so let's throw them together!" It's the sort of fanart that baffles everyone except people with those two specific likes, and even some of them will think it's weird.

That being said, you could probably make a fun game out of thinking up two things you like and trying to incorporate them both into one drawing. Try it at home! Here are some examples to get you going;
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and cough medicine
  • Pokemon and disabled access ramps
  • Sonic the Hedgehog and non-consensual sexual intercourse
Fun for all the family.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

"Sass" by Dixie-Emo

I feel unwell all of a sudden. It may have been the late lunch I had... or the hot chocolate... or it might be the creepy dog man hovering over me, shirtless, gnawing off one of his own fingers.

You've really got to see this one in close-up to appreciate the true horrors; the way he's biting down just a bit too hard on his finger, the way his body shrinks into a withered husk the further down you look... the way he's clutching determinedly onto the crotch of his shiny purple pants...

What the hell is that? Is he holding an Easter egg there? Buddy, your genitals should not look like that, even if you are a creepy goblin dog man.

"Satan's bitch" by ToshiroHitsugaya10

Artist toshirohitsugaya10 has just started to use the marvellous art tool known as Photoshop, and he's eager to show us his first attempt at getting to grips with all the new possibilities at his fingertips.

The kid's got talent - I can barely tell this image is edited at all. If I hadn't read the artist's comment I would have sworn this was a completely legit photo of a woman with some very small horns and a curtain of flame on top of her head. Oh, and a 666 tattoo.

I love the little swastika thrown into the background there. Touch of class.

"Random Wolf Digi Art" by EdwardOokami

MSPaint is a powerful tool - a weapon that, in the wrong hands, could lead to disaster. Wielding it like a pro today is artist EdwardOokami.

Did I say pro?

It's worth mentioning that the artist didn't actually draw the wolf - it's been provided by a fellow DeviantArt member. EdwardOokami is responsible for the 'colouring in' - which means that basically this artist has applied the fill and spraycan tools to someone else's picture and decided it's a job well done.

Adorably, the artist's comment on this piece ends with "No stealing please.." Oh, EdwardOokami, you have nothing to fear. I'm pretty sure you'd have to pay someone actual money to get them to steal this work and claim it as their own.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

"my first comic" by aelitalover25705

So, you just started your DeviantArt career. Everyone is new and the atmosphere is daunting. What's a good way to introduce yourself? Today we find out, with the help of artist aelitalover25705.

This guy's emotions are jumping all over the place.
  1. First a friendly greeting
  2. Roaring and raging lest we think he is female
  3. Grumbling at us not to tell him his comic is terrible because he knows
  4. And finally, confessing love and adoration to a fellow DeviantArt member
I never get why they do that whole "don't tell me it sucks 'cause I know" thing. You put it on the internet to see what I think of it, right? Either ask for my opinion or don't, motherfucker!

If you want to be told your pictures are lovely all the time show them to your dang mum, not DeviantArt.

"Writers Block page 7" by midnighteevee13

In this next piece, artist midnighteevee13 goes on an emotional and spiritual journey into what it truly means to be the author and creator of a comic on the internet.

Miss, are you sure you're ready to be starting your own comic? Your grasp of the human form seems tentative at most. Look at those huge rubbery arms - if she clasped her fingers together she could use them as a catapult to siege forts.

Speaking of the lady herself, check out that thought pattern there. I've been trying for a couple of minutes to guess what happened in the last page without looking, but I have literally no idea. Something about a trip to IKEA, and not wanting to go?

Why wouldn't you want to go to IKEA? The place is a blast!

"arcanine and vulpix page 2 CLR" by nexus196

Did someone here order the weird fetish special? Our esteemed chef nexusq196 has cooked up a real treat for you tonight.

Inflation truly is one of those things that you have to be really into to understand. I can't imagine the kind of psychology that would lead to you getting your jollies to a crayon-drawing of a Pokemon that looks like a balloon.

And I really mean balloon, too. Look at that poor, shiny beast. It seems that his little Vulpix friend not only filled him with air, but cast a magic spell to turn him into rubber. What a scamp!

"My Black Dahlia" by Guilt-Na-Zan

Why do people love having abusive partners? Or at lest somewhat put them in the spotlight the whole time?

This artist really, really likes their gradiants.

This image is definitely a check-list production for the Emo catagory.
Beanie cap... check
Under eye black... check
Headphones... check
Song lyrics in comment... check
Crying blood... check check check.

Looks like a penis hanging from his eye...

"Cristo Risorto" by ichabodexquis

I see bubbles, lots of bubbles, so shiney and bright!
And I see troubles for any man who isn't bubbles tonight...

More bubble muscles again it seems. Is it jut me or does this creature have two layers of pectorals above his rippling belly?

Why is there an old woman’s head stuck on top of this edifice?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

"b r o k e n" by Magical-Soul

It's time we got a bit deep and angsty all up in this shit. Let's watch a Sonic the Hedgehog fan-character take a shower.

The artist's comment on this piece is a bit of an emotional journey. Artist Magical-Soul has a nice conversation with her fictional hedgehog-friend which goes as such;

lilly: i know it will be ok
me: good cause life is too short to be too sad
lilly: yeah i know ..
me: all will be okay
lilly: i also had a big feeling that zero would do that to me..
me: i know same here cause he wasnt around u much anymore.. the idot how could he cheat on u..
lilly: after i gave him a second chance and he messed up but time!! ..
me: lets not think about it sweetie.
lilly: *hugs her creator*

Passive-aggressively bitching about your ex-boyfriend through the medium of an imaginary conversation with a talking hedgehog? That's DeviantArt!

"Umbreon in Colors" by Lucario1759

Hello ladies, are you here for the gun show? Today's act is courtesy of artist Lucario1759.

That's one... big package, right there. Is it safe to assume that this fella has a balloon for a cock? His crotch is awfully bloated and shiny. Then again, the rest of him is pretty similar so maybe it's just a balloon suit with a tiny Pokemon sitting inside.

I can't stop staring at that tiny animal head on top of that huge probably-traced man body. It's like putting a tiny bunny head on a wrestler - it's crazy. Is this meant to be attractive?

I can understand this being made humorously but... seriously?

"WoDo: Chapter Three Page 1" by Pineapplelicious

It's comics time! Big thanks to today's artist Pineapplelicious, who sounds delicious.

Today Link is hanging out with a naked anime. I'm not sure why. I'm pretty sure I've never seen her in any of the games, unless it's Zelda and she decided she needed to appeal more to anime-loving western children.

That doesn't explain why she's naked though, or why nobody seems phased by it until the fish with racial stereotype lips points it out. I'm just confused overall, really.

"Arabian Sonic Girls" by DarkArtistKaiser

The artist's comment for this piece begins with the words "Oooooooh god where to start..." and I honestly couldn't agree more with artist DarkArtistKaiser. Where on earth DO I start with this.

It would be difficult to find a worse example of animal heads on human bodies than this (without checking FurAffinity, anyway). Look at those long, stringy necks. This is horrid. I am repulsed by these creatures.

If I met an actual woman shaped like this I would scream. They all look like they've been stretched in unnatural ways. It's haunting.

The artist's comment for this piece reveals that it's actually a gift piece for a friend, but there is also a bit of passive-aggressiveness thrown in for fun. "I just had so little motivation to really get it done," DarkArtistKaiser says, "I mean yeah, a belly dancer Rouge, who wouldn't want that? I got EmperorNorton2s part of the trade, which was Rouge stuffing herself for 3 comics. Which was fine...just fine. I didn't ask for a stuffing comic, I asked for a vore comic. Somewhere along the lines he got that mixed up. Somehow. I don't even know when I kept reminding him just to make sure."

Shame on you, EmperorNorton2! Kaiser wanted VORE, not STUFFING! What an amateur mistake!!

"Nyah is Satsuki" by MilkNeko

Yeah.... yeah.

Logged into DA today and just saw this. How horrible.
Some kind of lopsided, cat/fox/dog/something person/anime thing.
Why does it have a maggot for an eye?

Monday, 11 October 2010

"XXI The World" by piggeye

Some art gets featured on this blog because it's terrible, some because it's funny, some because it's creepy... and some because it's just outright baffling. Today's master of the surreal is artist piggeye.

I get that this is meant to be a tarot card, but after that I have no idea. There's a Pikachu? And it has blue stripes, and tits? And it's wearing a scarf, and holding candles? I guess? And there's a lion, and a bull, and a bird, and a... thing?

Why does it have tits?

Why is it a Pikachu?!

"HAUNTHAUNTHAUNT" by llamallama1414

Oh boy, more fetish art of captive cartoon people! This is becoming alarmingly regular. Today's charitable artist is llamallama1414.

I'm sure every single one of us has a different idea of why this image is creepy. For you, is it the Pokemon gloatingly holding up the girl's shorts? Or is it the other ghost that seems to be reaching for her ass with a glowing arm? Is it the look of sadness on the girl's face?

For me, I think it's the fact that this character is actually 10 years old. Look it up - her name's May and she's from the Pokemon series. I hope you feel your skin crawl like mine did.

"More than he can handle" by IssacNewton2010

I'm unsure what to say. What do I say to this?

The female body gets used a lot in art, particularly painting and photography. I guess the artist here knew that, and he tried to use the female body as the centre for his piece, but he just really didn't know how.

The artist's comment says that this is "Renaissance Humor" but I don't really have any idea of the context. Is that tiny statue with the oar going to smack the lady's butt? Can he please not?

"Dragon muscles" by Spere94

We've featured a good few tits on this blog so far - now I think it's time we had a little something for the ladies. Providing the man-beef today is artist Spere94.

Damn, son, that's one muscular dragon. Look at all those lumps. Fortunately he's wearing a tasteful silver pouch so we don't get a face-full of dragon-shlong - though considering the amount of steroids this guy must be on I doubt it'd be too scary.

I wonder if he goes to a dragon-gym or if he just works out in his own cave; weight-lifting treasure chests n' shit. Maybe he beefed up because knights kept kicking his ass and his friends at the dragon-bar made fun of him. You show 'em, muscle-dragon!

"My first prepared meal" by darkythestrange

Welcome to cooking class kids. Shit, did I say cooking class? I meant DeviantArt. Welcome to DeviantArt, kids. Your head chef today is darkythestrange.

The artist's comment reads "It's my first time that I cooked seriously. It's a salad cupcakes with creamed eggplant and pine nuts...I can say that the taste was good. the presentation is horrible..."

I don't really get why you'd put this internet. I mean, they even say that the presentation is balls so they know it looks horrible, so why? It's not like I'll be able to taste it if I lick the screen. Maybe they were just really REALLY proud of having actually cooked something

"Shit, I did something I never did before! I gotta take a picture and show DeviantArt!"

If you are actually interested in cooking I know a couple of students who run a blog called DELICIOUS TASTY, where they share recipes for cooking on a budget. Check 'em out!

Though, for the record, I didn't feature this just to be an advert-whore for my friends. That food genuinely looks fucking horrible.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

"Elizabeth'sNightmare3 page74" by KirbyDrawer

What better time is there than Halloween month for us to feature a comic about Nightmare on Elm street's Freddy Krueger? Coming at us straight from the pen hand of artist KirbyDrawer!

Freddie's looking pretty fucking kawaii there, I gotta say. I'm not used to seeing the guy with such... big, shiny eyes. I'm also unable to overlook that this artist seems to think that burns can be substituted with big stripy patches.

In this dramatic scene a man with a dog nose watches on as Freddie forces a lady to tell him that she loves him and wants to marry him. I didn't really see Freddie as a marriage kind of guy but I guess turning into an anime changes all of us.

"Label" by 2case

What time is it? It's artsy greyscale photography time, courtesy of artist 2case.

The message behind this piece could not be more apparent if 2case wrote it onto a plank of wood and rammed it down my throat. Don't label people! Labelling is mean. Everyone is unique and has lots of depth. Look at my empty glasses frames and acne.

I like to think that the model here has actually nodded off and someone has written on her forehead as an impish prank. At least that way someone would be having some darn fun.

"Salary Man Cat PAGE1 CHP1" by ClockworkKefferson

War is hell.

War really needs to be more adorable. What if, instead of guns shooting bullets, they shot feathers that brush against the enemy's neck and tickle them? That'd be kawaii as fuck! Well, something else that is kawaii as fuck is today's piece by artist ClockworkKefferson.

If there was a checklist of "things lazy Japan-obsessed teenagers put in their comics" this comic would score pretty high on it, I'll betcha. Just take a look at this shit. It's so formulaic I'm gonna bullet-point it.
  • Bomb developed by Russians is called NEKO bomb
  • Russians use NEKO bomb on Tokyo, it makes a giant mushroom cloud that goes NYAANN~ like the kitties in the animes do
  • Everyone turns into square-headed cats
The artist's comment for this piece reads "Don't freak! I'm not a furry, neko people will appear soon in all their fetishy cuteness. xD;;;" I think they mean that the reader should not worry because they intend to soon change the focus of the comic to anime people with cat ears. Gimmie a sec.
  • Focus of the comic is anime people with cat ears
F for effort, ClockworkKefferson. See me after class, you sugoi motherfucker.