About us

Welcome to "The front page of DeviantArt", a daily adventure into the magic and artistry that can be found in the newest uploads to the popular internet art showcase DeviantArt.

This blog has two writers, so there may be some inconsistency in the writing styles between certain entries.  Both of us have tags ("writer 1" and "writer 2") so I guess if you particularly hate one person's style you can put those to use.

We pick our entries daily from the "newest uploads" section on the front page of DeviantArt. All a picture has to do for a chance at being featured is a) be uploaded at the same time as we are checking the front page, and b) be scary, funny or weird enough to entertain us.

Every image we use links back to the original piece, so if you want to see something in all its glory or see more of the artist's work just click the image.