Friday, 15 October 2010

"Toferette and the gloves 6" by ShineofRain

Ladies and gentlefolk it is time to get our rocks off to some absurd fetish porn. Artist ShineofRain kindly donates today's example!

God damn, that's some lazy MSPaint shit. What is it about having an obscure fetish that makes your standards of porn drop so dramatically? Sex is great but if someone presented me with a shitty MSPaint rendition of it and told me to whack off to it I'd tell them it just couldn't be done.

Anyway, this furry dog-woman seems to have inflated for some reason and that makes her talk like a twat. "I can't feel my feet nor the ground as well" she complains boredly. Then she falls over or something - purely a speculation, since I can see that lovingly added in sound effect there declaring FALLING NOISE.

Maybe next time ShineofRain should try making an UNINSTALLING MSPAINT noise.

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