Sunday, 17 October 2010

"Sue naga comic page 1" by SmexySue

So, we're all friends here right? How about we share a quick hit of some bizarrely-drawn wish-fulfilment porn? No? Come on guys, SmexySue has already drawn it!

I don't know what it is about vore-fetishists and nagas (half-snake people). They seem to show up an awful lot to monch people down. Maybe it's because it's an excuse for them to be able to swallow huge things, even though they don't have the skeletal structure of a snake so that wouldn't...

I'm overthinking. Three big-titted eye-burningly-brightly-coloured Sonics are chilling out at the beach and another, horribly-sunburnt snake-Sonic creeps towards them licking her lips. I'm glad there's no more. I can just pretend she wants to steal their picnic basket.

Look at those tits. Is she rubbing her hands together in fiendish delight or is she just trying to hold those fuckers up? The mind boggles.

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